What is Being Curious?

We’re all insanely curious about people who follow their passion. People who turn their dreams into reality. People who have interesting side hustles. People who are doing something to create change in the world. The changemakers.

We all crave to do meaningful work. Live a life that gives us fulfillment and purpose.

But we struggle. We don’t know where to turn. Or whom to ask for help.

Fortunately, you’ve stumbled across just the right newsletter to help you figure out those struggles. I write about career pivots, personal growth, living abroad, marketing, productivity, side hustles, and tech. I’m a thriving example of the passion economy. And the passion economy is growing. In fact, we’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots more to come.

I’m learning every day, and I hope you use this newsletter as your friend and guide. If you’re struggling in any of the above areas, I hope you turn to this platform to help find your solutions.

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Is this Newsletter Free?

This newsletter is free, but not cheap. It takes a lot of effort and time from my end (5~6 hours every week) to deliver this newsletter every week. You can help me in keeping it going by forwarding it to someone you like or following me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Welcome to Being Curious. See you every Sunday. And many many Sundays after that!

Who Writes Being Curious?

Hey there!👋 I’m Kritika.

I’m a marketing leader, strategic communicator, and creative thinker with 10+ years of experience in B2B and B2C communications across industries and roles. I work with global CXOs, Fortune 500 companies, and startups to win and retain clients, drive profitability, and build brands their audience loves using bold, human-first copy.

My side hustles include founding and managing a marketing-related, global community of kickass women. I also love being Vice President - Cornell Club of Mumbai. Cornell Club of Mumbai is a 350-member strong community for Cornell University alumni in Mumbai. I’m a mentor at GLEAC and Six Feet Closer. I’ve been a speaker on a few panels, YouTube series, and podcasts about women empowerment, emotional resilience, personal growth, and leadership. I can’t wait to give my TED talk soon (one of my dreams)! I’m a proponent of the passion and creator economy because I chose to follow my passion and make it a career. I’m also an author of two children’s ebooks.

I have a Master’s in Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin and a B. Tech. in Computer Science and Technology from SNDT Women’s University in India.

I have lived and worked in multicultural and multigenerational environments in India, Bahrain and the U.S. and travelled across Europe and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams such as engineering, sales, creative, product, PR, and marketing to drive brand awareness and business outcomes. As an ex-software engineer and former journalist, I love working at the intersection of marketing and tech to build better products, services and consumer experiences that create wider, positive impact.

My love for travel, people and cultures has taken me to 22 countries so far, including Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Iceland, Singapore, and Sweden. I have gone glacier hiking, ice caving, ziplining on the longest urban zipline in the world, and snorkelling with sharks. I’m also one of those lucky souls to have seen the Northern Lights. I can’t wait to explore another 30 countries by 2030 (another dream).

You can connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to talk about content, storytelling, food, travel, careers, and personal growth!